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1 Henry III, c. 43

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[Unabbreviated Latin:]

Non liceat alicui decetero dare terrram suam alicui domui religiose Ita quod illam resumat tenendam de eadem domo. Nec liceat alicui domui religiose terram alicujus sic accipere quod tradat eam illi a quo eam receperit tenendam: Si quis autem decetero terram suam alicui domui religiose sic dederit & super hoc convincatur domum suum penitus cassetur & terra illa Domino suo illius feodi incuratur.

[English translation:]

It shall not be lawful from henceforth to any to give his lands to any religious house, and to take the same land again to hold of the same house. Nor shall it be lawful to any house of religion to take the lands of any, and to lease the same to him of whom he shall have received it. If any from henceforth give his lands to any religious house, and thereupon be convict, the gift shall be utterly void, and the land shall accrue to the lord of the fee.