Image of the Will of Robert Shell of Berwick-upon-Tweed, gunner. Ref: DPRI/1/1549/S5/1

Will of Robert Shell of Berwick-upon-Tweed, gunner

In the name of god Amen The viiith of auguste In the third yere of king
Edward the sexte & c. I robert shell of berwyk gunner makes this my will
& testament in maner & forme folowinge first I bequieth my soule to god
Almighty & to all the celestiall company in heven my body to be buried
in the churche yeard of berwyk Item I give unto thomas Temple ii [2] kye
& the reste of monay to make owt v [5] markes Item I give unto my wif my hous[e]
unto [until] my boy be of xxiiii [24] yeres of age And than to com to my sonne
whom I lymett unto thomas shell of annwyk with his part & all
my shopp gere & x [10] stone of Ironn Item I give to william shell x [10] stone of
Ironn & xx s Item I give to cristian shell xx s & a clokke & her part
of vessell when she comes to age Item I give the price of two gonnes
to my mother & my suster for thone of the which I ame bidden xx s &
for the other xxx s I will yf I die the xx s that I had with Oswald
Ewvard my s[ervand] apprentice be given hym agane The reste of all
my goodes I give unto my wifAnd unto my children
gotten with her whom I mak my full executoures Maid at
berwyk the day & yere abovesaid Thes witnesses John clavering
robert story thomas foster John tyndaill with other[s]

Detts owyng by hym

To Janet temple iii li vi s viii d
To elsabeth temple   xiii s iiii d
To andrew bawdkyn   x s viii d
Too martyn shell wif   xx s  

Dettes owing to hym with monay

In rialls new xxiiii    
in sylverr v or vi li    
Item in the kinges majesties handes to be paid by Mr douner for
iii monthes ended the firste of <Septembre> at viii d the day
for my self & vi d the day for [<every of> my] two servandes And from
the firste of Septembre unto t[h]e vi th of <the same> at
lik wages by the space of iiii xx ix [89] days at xx d the day
vii li    
Item Mr Ridgeway owith me fo work of Dunglasse Hume
iii li xiii s iiii d & more
Mr Captane for my wages xii days at viii d per die & for my
ii servandes wages at [vi d] [per] diem for xii days
  xx s  
Also Mr Captane owith [me for] striving a peice of ordn
ance & Clement Shell … x s & mor unto me iiii s
  xiiii s  
John Sikes owith me for … [d]ays at viii d for my self
by the day & vii d the pece [for] my two men
  xxii [s]  
Item I have a gonne of th… … …taithes I give hym one for it      
Item I have a gonne of m… … …s wherfor he shall giv[e] …s
of …tes one of John duc … …es a dagge of antony …
I [have a] gonne & a dagge … othus & … haith a gonne …
myn[e] … …awe … … tak a dagg

[† the number of days, excluding Sundays, between 1 June and 6 September 1549 was in fact 84, and which, at 20 d per day, amounts to 7 li as stated.]

[End of page 1 of 1. Ref: DPRI/1/1549/S5/1]


clokke probably a cloak rather than a clock
dagge [dag] a kind of heavy pistol or hand-gun
rial [ryal] a gold coin, at this date of the value of 15 shillings

Historical note

A Robert Shell, smith, appears with a John Shell, in a Book of Expenses of Building up the walls of Berwick-upon-Tweed, which work took place in the autumn of 1535. (LPFD, vol. IX, 637; SP 1/98 f.25). The Shells' work comprised working 28 stone of iron into wedges and sharpening tools for the town's masons. The 1583 will of a kinsman named Martine Shell of Berwick-upon-Tweed, 'one of her Majesties canenores of the great ordinance', also survives in the Durham probate collection.

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Image of the Nuncupative will of William Claveringe of Duddoe, esquire. Ref: DPRI/1/1587/C5/1

Nuncupative will of William Claveringe of Duddoe, esquire

Memorandum, that in the latter part [of] Novembre
Anno domini 1586 or there abouts William Claveringe
late of Duddoe of the parishe of Norham <gentleman> deceased
beinge of perfect mind and memorie thoughe verie
craysed and sore wounded in his Bodie did make
constitute and ordeyne his will & testament nuncupative
in manner and forme followinge First he did give
to his eldest Brother Mr Robert Claveringe one Angell
and to the wife of the said Mr Robert Claveringe
two Angelles Also he did give and bequieth to Dorothie
Claveringe Margarett Claveringe alias Armerer wife to
Mr Thomas Armerer and to Mabell Claveringe
his thre sisters to everie one of them iii li vi s 8 d
Also he did give to Robert Claveringe of Berwicke
two Angelles Also he did legate and bequieth to Mrs
Ann Claveringe his mother two Angelles Also he
did give to Thomas Fettas his man the price of
one nagg that the said Thomas Fettas his father
was owinge unto him the said William Claveringe
Also he did legate and give to the poore people of
the parishes of Whittingham and Norham xl s
And willed that Certaine of his shepe should be
given to the poore of Duddoe and Tilmouth
All the rest of his goodes Chattelles Debttes and
Credittes whatsoever he did give legate and
bequieth unto John Claveringe James Claveringe
Cuthbert Claveringe and Thomas Claveringe
his fower younger Brethren whom joyntley and
severalley he did make Constitute ordeyne and
appoint his Executors of this his will and
testament. Witnesst hereof Mr Thomas
Bradforth of Bradforth and Gilbert Dixson.

[End of page 1 of 1. Ref: DPRI/1/1587/C5/1]


angel a gold coin worth at this date 10 shillings
craysed broken down in health; diseased; infirm

Historical note

For state papers relating to this incident, see: Calendar of State Papers Domestic, vol. XXIX (160-163, 165, 168), and vol. XXX (33, 36, 97); Hatfield Cal. MSS vol. 3 (408), and vol. 13 ([1013]); Border Papers, vol. 1 (521).

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Image of the Will of John Carre of Hetton, Chatton. Ref: DPRI/1/1589/C3/1 Image of the Allegation concerning the validity of the Will of John Carre of Hetton, Chatton. Ref: DPRI/1/1589/C3/4-5 Image of the Allegation concerning the validity of the Will of John Carre of Hetton, Chatton. Ref: DPRI/1/1589/C3/4-5

Will of John Carre of Hetton, Chatton, with an Allegation concerning its validity

Anno Domini 1588 Feveuary 2

In the name of God Amen I John Carre
of Hetton within the Cowntie of Northomberland
beinge both whole in mynde and bodie yet
for that the life of man is but fraile & as the flour
in the feiled flurishynge to daye & fetheringe [festering?]
to morrowe wharfore seinge
no [securitie] of my life one moment <at home cane have> farles one
monthe of many in so longe & peralus a voy
age and lastly for that I wold Rather I be
Judge my selfe of my owine thinges & that emoxte
my freandes then the Jugies & magestrates <of this lande> meare
stranger to my meaninge should geve order &
derectiones emoxte them do make this
my laste will and testamente in maner & forme
Firste I bequethe my soule to god trusting
by the blesed dethe & passione of our lord &
saviore Jesus Criste or [our] only mediatore advo
cate & Redemor to Resceive full Remission
of all my sines & to be Receved after this
life end [into] the blessed life everlastinge emoxt
the elect peaple of god and his holy angales
continewally to geve glorie honore prase &
thankes to god the father & maker of all thi
nges heavinly & earthly & that by the Justinfete [justified?] gr
ace of the holy goste for ever & ever Also
my bodie I Comite ether to the earthe birdes
foules fyshies seas or sandes wether soever
when or whar[e] so evere it shall please
god of his goodes & [m]arcie to appoynte
Also my worldly goodes I dispose in maner
& forme followinge
Firste to my sister Anne Carre I geve
because she is to me most deare … CC [200] markes
Item to my sister Elizabethe Carre C [100] markes

[End of page 1 of 3. Ref: DPRI/1/1589/C3/1]

… I have made my will before my
Cominge out of England all with myne owne hand

[End of page 2 of 3. Ref: DPRI/1/1589/C3/4r]

And left it with my Cosen Thomas Carr; That will
and all there in Conteyned is my will and shall stand
and not be altered. …

[End of page 3 of 3. Ref: DPRI/1/1589/C3/4v]


emoxte amongst
mark 13 shillings and 4 pence

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Image of the Inventory of William Collingwood of Kemerston, Ford. Ref: DPRI/1/1603/C8/1

Inventory of William Collingwood of Kemerston, Ford

In the Byard

Item 2 kine with two calves both calved
since candlemas, the one taken with
the other valued at xx s the piece
xl s
Item 2 wheyes of 2 yeare old, at
8 s the piece
xvi s
Item a horse, which the said William had reco-
vered out of the hands of Scotch men, a
fewe dayes before he departed, which had bene
out of his hands above 2 yeare, &
within that time sworne to xl li, for
the which he had a man lying prisener at
Barwicke for band that there should be
satisfaction made to him, the horse <both in theyr hands &> since his
departure hath bene beene imployed in plough worke etc
& is now valued at xl s.

Item he hoped to have had some recompence
for the forbearance of his horse according to
the Lawes of the border, by promise of the
Lord Warden of the marches, but the prisoner at
the kings Majesties comming in escaped by the
negligence of them who should have solicited
the king in the matter.

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byard [byre] a cow-house
candlemas February 2nd; the feast of the purification of the Virgin Mary (or the presentation of Christ in the Temple) celebrated with a great display of candles
[quey or whye]
a heifer of any age up to 3 years, or until she has a calf

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Image of the Inventory of Sir George Bowes of Wolsingham. Ref: DPRI/1/1647/B7/1

Inventory of Sir George Bowes of Wolsingham

  Of these afore mencioned apprised particulars
were forceably taken away by the Lord of
Newcastle's army & by the Scotch army these
ensuing particulars videlicet
  li s d
Inprimis Two stots 03 10 0
Item one 2 yeares old bay filly 01 00 0
Item six score thraves of oates 07 10 0
Item one fether bed, 1 bolster, 2 blankets, 1 old
red rugg & 5 red & white taffaty courtings
with a par of fugar [?sugar] taffaty vallans
04 10 0
Item one cannopy with two courtings suteable to
the bed
00 10 0
Item 4 great imbrodered chaires 00 12 0
Item 4 litle imbrodered chaires 00 08 0
Item one red cupbord cloath 00 04 0
Item 2 old fether beds, 2 bolsters, 4 pillows,
4 blankets, 2 old green ruggs, 5 old green
& white sarcenet courtings with vallans &
cruiles & vallans suitable
03 10 0
Item 3 great old chaires, 2 lesser & 6 old stooles 00 05 0
Item one green cloath carpet, 1 green cloath
cupbord cloath & an old Scotch worke
cupbord cloath
00 06 0
Item 18 pair on lin sheets, 10 pair of lin pillowbers,
1 diper table cloath, 1 diper cupbord cloath,
2 dozen of napkins, 4 lin table cloath's,
2 cupbord cloaths, 4 towels & 3 dozen of
lin napkins
09 05 0

[End of page 1 of 1. Ref: DPRI/1/1647/B7/1]


diper [diaper] a fabric woven with a small and simple pattern, formed by the different directions of the thread, with the different reflexions of light from its surface, and consisting of lines crossing diamond-wise, with the spaces variously filled up by parallel lines, a central leaf or dot, etc.
sarcenet a very fine and soft silk material made both plain and twilled
stot a young castrated ox
taffaty [taffeta] a plain-wove glossy silk
thrave two stooks of corn (or pulse) containing twenty-four sheaves

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Image of the Inventory of Roger Widdrington of Harbottle, esquire. Ref: DPRI/1/1641/W8/1-5

Inventory of Roger Widdrington of Harbottle, esquire

  In prizing of his apparrell the apprizers did see
some things in the possession of Rosamond late wife to
Roger disceased, which she would not deliver to the Ad-
ministrator of the said Roger, The percells with their
prices be exprest and prized in the begining of the
Inventorie, yet not withstanding they are here set downe
to distinguish them from the other which the Adminitra-
tor hath possession of, the things thus detained by
the said Rosamond are these

Tenn Bludstones
One Signet of Gold
One Toothpick of Gold
valued by them selves at
xxvi s viii d

[End of page 1 of 1. Ref: DPRI/1/1648/W8/1-5]


bludstone A name applied to certain precious stones spotted or streaked with red, supposed in former times to have the power of staunching bleeding, when worn as amulets.

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Image of the Deposition concerning the will of John Prest of Black Horse near Tudhoe, yeoman. Ref: DPRI/1/1750/P9/5-6

Deposition concerning the will of John Prest of Black Horse near Tudhoe, yeoman

… the Morning of the Same Day I found the said John Prest in Bed sick &
asked him what he sent for this Deponent for, who answerd to make his Will
that thereupon Alice his then wife & now widow the Party Defendant in
this Cause fell into a Great Passion & said there was no occasion for any
But what he Had made wishing him Damnation & Invoking Saints &
Angells not to forgive him if he made any alteration therein. That this
Deponent Indeavord to appease her & Gave her to understand that it was
Best for all parties to withdraw & as to what he had to Dispose of He might
make a will therof. If it was in her favor it should be Honestly Done
according to the Testators Intentions & Direceons, But that the Deceased Could not
be a free agent in that Respect while she or they were there present.
All the Company upon this Deponents Giving these Reasons then withdrew
Except the said Alice who would not leave the Room where the Deceased
then lay sick in his Bed and the Daughter of the said John Prest one Mary
Friend was Called in to waite upon him the said Testator that there
upon this Deponent at last not prevailing with the said Alice to go out of the
Room the said John Prest Gave this Deponent Direcions for his Will & this Deponent
Got Pen Ink & paper & Began to Commit the same to writing but this
Deponent had seaven wrote a line or two when she the said Alice came &
with Violence snatched the paper out of this Deponents Hands & Carryed
it away. This Deponent Having more paper took another piece Drew & Ingrossed
his will according to his Direcions while when he had Done & while he was
Going to put a seal to the same the said Alice again snatched away the
last menciond Intended will with Violence from this Deponent & Carryed it out
of the House. This Deponent then went out & Desird Thomas Prest who was
then in Another Room to send Down to Tudhoe & Gett him More paper …

[End of page 1 of 1. Ref: DPRI/1/1750/P9/5-6]


ingross [engross] to write in large letters; to write out formally, in legal form
seaven just, just then

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