Inventory of Thomas Hyndmers of Bearle, Bywell St Andrew

January the first; 1676;

  A true Inventorie of the goodes and Chattelles Rightes &
Credittes of Thomas Hyndmers Laite of Bearle in
the parish of Bywell St. Andrew, & County of Northumber[land]
  li s d
Inprimis the purse and apparrell of the deceased 00 13 04
Item two oxen apprised another two kine & one steer 08 15 00
Item one Mare 02 00 00
Item the plow & Waine with their furniture 01 10 00
Item all the howshold stuff 01 10 00
Item the Cropp of Corne 03 12 06
Item 4 sheepe 00 16 06

Debts oweing by the deceased;

  li s d
Inprimis to Jain Watson: 2 2 6
Item to John Lumley; 1 5 0
Item to John Simpson; 1 6 3
Item; the funerall expences: 2 6 8
  Debtes & funerall expences deducted
this Inventory Amounts to
  14 16 11

Aprised by
Edward Fletcher mark
George Simpson mark
William Urwen; mark
John Sisterson;

Thomas filius juratus - Margaret viduam renunciavit
[Thomas the son sworn - the widow Margaret has renounced]

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inprimis in the first place
item also
kine cows
steer a young ox, especially one that has been castrated
wain a wagon; a large open vehicle, drawn by horses or oxen, for carrying heavy loads, especially of agricultural produce

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Will of Henry Clements of North Shields, royal navy mariner

Know all men by these presents that I Henry Clements on board his Majesties ship the Winchelsea Mariner have and by these presents doe make Ordaine and Constitute Eleanor Huntly of North Shields in the County of Northumberland Spinster My true and lawfull Attorney irrevokeable for me and in my name and for my Use To aske, demand and receive of and from the Right Honourable the Treasurer or Paymaster of his Majesties Navie and Commissioners for prize money and whom else it may Concern, As well All such Wages, and pay Bounty money, Prize money, and all other summe and summes of money whatsoever, as now is and which hereafter shall or may be due or payable to me pursuant to their Majesties Gracious Declaration of the 23d of May 1689 And also all such Pentions, Salleryes, Smart Money, and all other moneys and things whatsoever which now and at any time hereafter is and shall be due to me for my Service or otherwise in any of his Majesties Shipps, Fryggotts, or Vessells, or any Merchants Shipp or Shipps As also to demand recover and receive of all other person and persons whatsoever whom it doth or may Concerne All and Singular such other summe and summes of money, goods, wares, Effects, wages, debts, dues, Claimes, and demands, whatsoever which now and hereafter is or shall be due and payable unto me either by Bond, Bill, book, accompt, or otherwise howsoever And moreover in my name and for my proper use to demise, and Lett by Lease in Writing or otherwise All or any of my Messuages, Lands, or tenements to such person or persons and for such terme of yeares Condicions and reservations as my said Attorney or her Councell shall think fitt and Convenient, Giveing and hereby granting unto my said Attorney my full and whole power in the premisses and to recover and receive all and singular the summe and summes of money Matters and things abovesaid, and upon none payment thereof or any part thereof All such person and persons whome it may concerne and where need shall require their Executors Administrators and goods to sue Arrest, Attach, seize, Imprison, prosecute and Comdemne, and to Compound and agree and out of prison to release and discharge And upon receipt of the said premisses or any part thereof, acquitances, releases or any other Discharges for me and in my name to make seale and deliver and one attorney or more to Subsititute and att pleasure to revoke and generally to Act and doe all other Acts, matters, and things, whatsoever needfull and necessary to be done, in and touching the premisses, as fully and effectually as I ought or could doe if I were personally present Ratifying and allowing for firme and valid and Irrevocable all and whatsoever my said Attorney shall lawfuly doe or cause to be done in or touching the premisses by Virtue of these presents.
And I the said Henry Clements Considering the Incertainty of this transitory life doe make and Declare these presents to containe my last Will and Testament That is to say my Soule I bequeath to God who gave it, and then as for all such Wages Summe and Summes of money Lands Tenements Goods Chattells and Estate whatsoever wherewith att the time of my decease I shall be possessed or Invested or which shall then belong or of Right appertaine unto me I doe give devise and bequeath unto my true friend Eleanor Huntley of North Shields aforesaid And I doe hereby Nominate and appoint the said Eleanor Huntley my whole and sole Executrix And doe revoke all fomer Wills and Deeds by Guift by me at any time heretofore made and doe ordaine these presents to stand and be for and as my only last Will and Testament In Witnesse whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and seale the Twenty Second day of Aprill Anno Domini 1696 And in the Eighth year of the reign of William the 3d of England &c King.

Signed Sealed Published
and declared in the presence of Henry Cle[ments]
Anthony Tolat [Captain]
W. Scott Richard Moseley William Johnson

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accompt account
bounty money a gratuity given to recruits on joining the army or navy

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Will of Peter Trumbel of Gateshead, butcher

… appoint my said Newphew John Trumble sole executor of
this my last will & Testament In witnesse whereof I have
hereunto set my hand and seale the day & yeare first above


Signed Sealed and Declared
in the presence of
Henry Atkinson
John Richardson
Richard Wilson

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Inventory of Robert Fowberie M.A., master of Newcastle Royal Free Grammar School

  [li] [s] [d]
Item seaven payre of linnen sheets 2 13 4
Item ten payre of harden sheets 1 0 0
Item ten tablecloths 1 0 0
Item twoo cover cloths
and a dosen of lad napkins
0 8 0
Item fifteene lin napkins 0 5 0
Item a doosen of course napkins 0 3 4
Item eight pillabers 0 6 8
Item fower lin towels and six courser towels 0 3 0
Item twelve yards of new cloth
with thirty cuts of lin
0 6 0
Item eight coople of saltfish 0 8 0
Item his apparell 10 0 0
Item his gold ring 1 0 0

In the Studie

Item eighty eight <books> in folio 20 0 0
Item seaventy nyne books in quart 6 0 0
Item small books in octavo and dicimo sexto 7 0 0
Item one larg map the world in twoo globes 0 10 6
Item a map of England and Ireland 0 5 0
Item three old plaie mapes 0 2 0
Item two pictures 0 0 6

Summa totali bonorum

94 17 9

Debita quŠ debet [Debts he is owing]

Item To Joffay Dickison 8 li 0 0
Item to William Bulmer 1 15 0
Item to Isabell Foster 0 5 0

By me Oswold Chaistor
Thomas Smith
George Horsley
Henry Wouldhave

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folio a volume made up of full-sized sheets of paper folded once; a volume of the largest size
harden a coarse fabric made from the hards of flax or hemp
lad laid
lin linnen
pillabers [pillow-bere] pillowcase
plaie play [?]
quart [quarto] a volume of sheets folded twice to form four leaves (eight pages)
sesto [sexto] a volume of sheets folded to form six leaves (twelve pages)

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Will of Amor Oxley, vicar of Kirknewton and master of Newcastle Royal Free Grammar School

  renewed att my Charge, and that my Neece Sell Byfeild
shall have the same house dureing her life, And that after her
death the same shall come to my Cosin Amor wills his Executers
& assignes, Item I give the one of my Gownes to my Cosin
Charles Oxley and the other to Sir Grey. In witnesse whereof I
have hereunto sett my hand & seale the Nyneteenth day of
August Anno Domini 1669.

Amor Oxley

Read Published Signed & Sealed
the wordes (my Nephew Amor Oxley)
(and my Cononicall Coate) being first
interlyned in the presence of

Robert Grey     Robert Bulman Notary Public
John Mallabarr

  A Scheadule or Catalogue of all such Bookes
as by the Will hereunto annexed are given
towards a Library for the Free Schoole in Newcastle

Inprimis one Paignens Hebrew Lexicon in folio.
Item one Dudeus Greeke Dictionary in folio.
Item Dudeus GrŠce Exercitationes in folio.
Item Clemens Alexandrinus in folio.
Item all Chrysostomes workes consisting of eight volumes in greeke in folio.
Item Nazianzine Greeke and Latine in Two volumes in folio.
Item Gregory Nyssens workes in folio.
Item all Saint Basills workes in greeke and latine in folio.
Item all Xenophons workes greeke and latine in folio. Stevens print
Item the Greeke Heroicke Poems Stevens print in folio.
Item Plutarchs worke Six volumes in greeke Stevens print.
Item Lucians workes two volumes in greeke and latine.
Item Atheneus his dypnosophies greeke and latine in folio, with
Cassaban his learned Annotacions upon them in another folio.
Item Tullies workes two volumes in folio.

Amor Oxley


Xanthus Pagninus
Clement of Alexandria
John Chrysostom
St Gregory of Nazianzus
St Basil of Caesarea
Lucius Mestrius Plutarchus
Lucian of Samosata
Athenaeus Naucratita
Isaac Casaubon
Marcus Tullius Cicero

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List of books on loan, attached to the will of John Pilkington of Durham

A note of such bookes as I have lent
to my Freendes.

To Mr Doctor Hutton. Jacobus de Valencia
in psalmos
Ludolf in psalmos.
Actuarius de Urinis.
Index expurgator Innocentii.
Reignolds & Hart Conference.
Cassandri Liturgia.
Victor de Carben: Judaeus.
Hill & Humes de discensu ad inferos.
Pratrolus de Heresibus.
Lira & origen in Job.


Jacobus de Valencia
Ludolph of Saxony
Joannes Actuarius
John Rainolds
John Hart
George Cassander
Victor de Carben
Adam Hill
Alexander Hume
Nicholas of Lyra
Origen Adamantius

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Inventory of Luce Addison of Berwick-upon-Tweed, widow

  An Inventarie of all the goodes implementes and
Writinges which Luce Addison widow died possessed
of (sene and prised (the xxith [21st] daie of Marche
1610.) according to the Computacion of England)
by the person under named.
Imprimis an old counter table with a single
leafe valued to
ii s vi d  
Item an old trunck ii s  
Item a little table xvi d
Item an old Chist xii d
Item one stoole ii d
Item a little old barrell i d
Item a long stole vi d
Item a little stand for drink iiii d
Item a Wasshing Tubb & a collet viii d Summa totalis
Item 7 or 8 peeces of old bordes & wood viii d xix s xi d
Item a stone mugg and 4 disshes ii d Laurenc[e]
Item iii [3] chymney barres and a little
paire of broken old tonnges
with A Recken Crooke
iiii d Turton [?]
Item a <Rapping> for a bedd ii s George Todd
Item 2 <xii d> smokes. 2 <iiii d> kyves. 2 <iiii d> crosecloths.
2 <iiii d> neck kirchars. a <xvi d> waistcote A
Russet <xviii d> petticote, & a <ii s vi d> Clooke
vii s his mark
Thomas Cuthbert
Item a paire of hose & shoes vi d
Item 2 old paire of sleeves of <male> vi d

Item writinges in a white boxe as followeth
Item an award of arbitrament in writing in two severall
   papers under Robert Cowper & Christophor peppers handes.
Item a bond of thomas Cowpers of a hundreth markes
   for perfourming the said award.
The Consession of Thomas Barrow.
The Will of William Barrow.
A Coppie of the said will with somme questions &c. under
   written therin.
A Coppie of an Attestacion taken before the Lord Willough<by>
   George Murton Maior, and John Carey.
4 Coppies of orders of the Courte in berwick.
2 petitions one to Mr Maior. an other to Sir William Bowier.
Item in a painted boxe 14 acquittances from Thomas
   Barrow to William Addison. 2 coppies of william barrowes will
   with 2 notes of the state of his cause & 2 orders of Courte.

   Thomas Cuthbert. Thomas Tedder & <Thomas> Satterthwayte

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clooke cloak
collet collar; a collared stand for the tub
crosecloth [cross-cloth] a linen cloth worn across the forehead
kyve [keeve] a tub or vat
mark 13 shillings and 4 pence
neck kirchar neckerchief
recken crooke pot hanger
russet a coarse homespun woollen cloth of a reddish-brown, grey or neutral colour, formerly used for the dress of peasants and country-folk
sleeve of male a sleeve of chain-mail
smoke smock

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Account of the execution of the will of Robert Phillipps of Gateshead, cordwainer, and of the tuition of his son Thomas Phillipps

Item paied by this accomptant for mayntaning and keepeing six persons
six weekes whilste they remayned in the deceased his howse
xv s
Item paied to the Phesecion for drugs to the deceased as by
an acquitannce maie appeare the somme of
xxv s iiii d
Item paied for servanntes waiges xvi s vi d
Item paied to Thomas Tedcastle <for> debt dew by the said
deceased for boutes and shooes
xx s
Item paied by this accomptante to John Tailor Master of the said
pupell in apprentishipp with him, and for making <two paier of> Indentures
vi li xiiii s
Item paied for two sutes apparell when he was bound apprentice xx s
Item this accomptant Craveth allowance for finding the said
puple meate drinke apparell and schooling <a yeare and three quarters>
ix li
Item for drawing and passing this accompt and other Charges
about the same
xxxiii s iiii d
Item this accomptant Craveth allowannce for traveling Fyve
sunderie daies to Durham, traveling into the Connterie for
Craveing the deceased his debtes, and making bills and notes
of accompt and reckoninges
xxx s

The somme of these
receiptes are
98 li 15 s 0 d

Sexto die [6th] Octobris 1631

Wee whose names are heareunder
written, being the next of the kindered
to the puple and Executors before named
doe allowe and approve upon this
presente accompte.

The somme of theise
disbursementes are
74 li 1 s 5 d
Resting 24 li 13 s 7 d
        Francis Mylburne
William Swinborne
Signum Johannis Kinge
John Tayler

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accompt account
indenture a deed between two or more parties executed in two or more copies, which
copies formerly having their tops or edges correspondingly indented or
serrated for identification and security

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