Snow Hall


Upon the probate of Edward Rayne's will in 1667 his son Richard inherited all the remaining property in Gainford, but died only two years later aged 48. In his last will and testament he too describes himself as a yeoman, but unlike has father he signed his name.

Image of the Will of Richard Raine of Gainford, yeoman. Ref: DPRI/1/1670/R2/1

Detail of the will of Richard Raine of Gainford, yeoman [Ref: DPRI/1/1670/R2/1].

The house and its contents, listed in an inventory taken in June 1670, are essentially the same as desribed in his father's recent probate inventory, although the names of some rooms vary. The estate appears to have prospered in the short time since Edward Rayne's death: Richard possessing at his death a cheese press, six oxen, but more cattle and double the number of ewes and horses his father had owned. There is also a pig and a hive of bees.

Image of the Inventory of Richard Raine of Gainford, yeoman. Ref: DPRI/1/1670/R2/3

Inventory of Richard Raine of Gainford, yeoman [Ref: DPRI/1/1670/R2/3].

Richard was owed £196 and was considered to be worth £321 14s 4d in total. The names of the legatees, witnesses and appraisers are essentially the same as those in his father's probate records. All Richard's properties, except for a house devised to his youngest son Ambrose, went to John the eldest son. He nominates his wife and son John as his executors. Money bequests are made to his son Henry (£130) and daughter Elizabeth (£140), though he also gives to Henry a piece of land called Marr Haugh. Cousins and nephews, recognisable from his father Edward's will, receive several shillings or twelve pence for a token.

John Raine of Snow Hall, Richard's heir, died intestate - leaving no will - in late 1729 aged 77. Administration was granted to the nearest next-of-kin, in this case his son and heir Edward Rayne on 29 January 1730. The penal sum of the administration bond was £100, which sum is usually double the value of the personal estate of the deceased person, only a third of the value of his father's personal estate in 1670.

Image of the Administration bond of John Raine of Snow Hall. Ref: DPRI/3/1729/B289

Administration bond of John Raine of Snow Hall [Ref: DPRI/3/1729/B289].
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