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North East Inheritance database (pre-1858 Durham Probate Records)

Ready to load images for folder of bonds

When you click on the Load images button below, the probate images will be loaded from the Genealogical Society of Utah website. However, these images will include all the bonds for a full year and not just the specific item you have requested. Please read these notes first, to ensure that you can locate the image you are looking for.

When you click on Load images, you will be taken to the images for a whole folder of probate bonds, which may contain hundreds of separate documents. In order to locate the bond you require, follow these steps:

  1. Note the full document reference number (beginning DPR/I/3) from our online catalogue.
  2. When the images have loaded, use the Image XXX of YYY control near the top of the screen to navigate to the correct bond. You can either type in an image number and hit Enter to move quickly through the folder of images, or use the left/right arrows to step through them one at a time. Note that each bond or renunciation etc may have more than one image.
  3. See screenshot below, which is for a folder of bonds containing 152 images. The document reference number is written at the top of each image (in the format DPRI/3, and sometimes with additional 'A' or 'B' letters at the end), DPRI/3/1744/A9 in the example below. The final bond number (9) may also be written at the top or side of the bond in a contemporary hand, as shown in the screenshot.

Click on the Load images button to load folder of images for DPRI/3/1854/A.
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Example screenshot for images of 1744 administration bonds

After loading the images, use the Image XXX of YYY control as shown to navigate to the specific document you want to view. This screenshot shows bond DPR/I/3/1744/A9 (which happens to be image number 11 within a folder of 152 images).

screenshot of probate bond image on

See separate page relating to online images for further information and guidance.

You can omit this guidance page in future if desired, by ticking the skip this page checkbox before clicking on Load images. This will set a cookie on your current computer, which will suppress the page for the next month (in relation to images of probate bonds only). After 30 days, you will again see the guidance, but can re-tick the checkbox to suppress it for another month, if desired. The cookie will contain no personal information, and if you choose not to store cookies on your computer, your use of the online probate catalogue will not be impeded: see further information page for more details.