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Durham University records (from 1832)

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Since its founding in 1832 thousands of students have come to Durham University to further their studies and to enrich their lives in a myriad of ways. The Special Collections Department is also home to the university's own archive. While many pre-war records have been lost, there are still substantial collections of records of governance, admissions, examinations, colleges, publications, clubs and ephemera. Together these are an excellent resource for researching student life and learning over the last 175 years. Our records can not of course document those years before a student's matriculation nor those after graduation, and the use of recent records containing personal information will be restricted.

Durham University records description

Image of B.A. finals examiners' mark book, Easter Term 1923. Ref: UND/CF3/C9B.

B.A. finals examiners' mark book, Easter Term 1923. Over the period 1912 to 1946 the volume records classics and mathematics honours, Newcastle honours and preliminaries and Durham passes in Litt. Ant., and Durham and Newcastle passes other than in Litt. Ant., and Colonial lists. Ref: UND/CF3/C9B.

Image of University College Beagles Club account book, 1851-1876. Ref: UND/F1/E2/B1.

University College Beagles Club account book, 1851-1876. These accounts include a list of masters, and of the beagles in the pack, with notes of the beagles' origin, misadventures and ultimate fate - including two dogs killed by a train in 1858, and compensation to farmers who had had their sheep worried by the hounds. Ref: UND/F1/E2/B1.